Thursday, September 24, 2015

How do you Hear God's Voice?

You begin by understanding what it is, that it is needed, and that
there is a place chosen by our Father for you in the prophetic realm.

Then, you ask our Father to help you "see" and to "hear."

I began my walk with the Holy Spirit after reading Benny Hinn's

book, "Good Morning, Holy Spirit." I believed what Benny was saying,
and of course, the Holy Spirit had already put it into my heart to
step out deeper into Him.

A couple of days later, I met the Holy Spirit and my life has never
been the same.

Pray this:

Father, I ask in Jesus Name, to baptize me in Your Holy Spirit, and
then help me to yield to His voice and leading.
Holy Spirit, I want to be best friends with You. Come, take Your
position in my life. Teach me, guide me, reveal to me what I need to
know. Help me to know You better.

I believe this is Your idea to begin with and that You will do as I
ask because it is You who has given me these desires. I am
willing ... help me to be willing in areas in my life that are a
hinderance to You.

I say 'yes' to You.

Come, change my heart and change my life to be a life that walks side
by side with You. I want You as my best friend.

Thank You

In Jesus Name


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