Monday, February 9, 2015

Entering the Covenant: My First Step

 Entering the Covenant:  My First Step
By putting everything you are and everything you have at the cross of Jesus. By gathering up everything you love, like, or desire and putting them at the Throne of God Almighty and leaving them there. He may give them back, or He may keep them for a season, or He may keep them there forever. But if you really want to enter into a real covenant with God, then this is where you begin.

Don’t rush into this. Jesus said that men must consider the cost first. Read about the covenant. Find out what other people have to say about it, And I mean those people that you respect in the Lord and
show fruit in the lives. Pray about it. Ask the Lord to show you about His covenant, what it means to you, and how the relationship between the Lord and yourself will be benefited.

Let me share with you a little about the day I made a covenant with the Lord. I have never regretted it, and I have been very blessed by the Lord.

In my spiritual life, I had hit rock bottom. One of my favorite verses in the Bible is found in second Kings chapter 6. It is where the servant sees the enemy surrounding them, and he is fearful. The man of God prays the Lord will open the servant’s eyes and allow him to see that those that were with them were greater than those that were with the enemy. I needed that same vision. I needed my eyes opened. I needed, with all my heart, and to hear the voice of God.

I have been reading and studying various books, listening to sermons, and diligently seeking the Lord to hear him speak into my life ... for I knew if I could hear God, my life would be good. I did hear God speak to me, and this turned my life upside down. Not only was I overwhelmed with joy, but I was turned onto the Lord like never before. He became real to me when I heard him speak to me specifically. I had a new fire in my bones. I wanted a deeper relationship with him more than any thing in the whole world. I felt that if I had to stay in the same situation and circumstances in which I was in at the time, it would kill me. I don’t remember the date nor the time, but I remember my heart. I told the Lord that I would go anywhere and do anything for him, just let me always be close to him, hear his voice, and help me do what he had called me to do years before.

This began a series of steps in this one evening of prayer. Before I was finished I had laid out everything in my life, every thing that meant anything to me, my family, my security of owning a home, my education, the clothes I had in my closet, the money I had in my bank, the friends that I had, anything and everything I was willing to give up. If he would accept me, and help me be who He wanted me to be, I would pack my backpack with anything needed and I would walk out the door right then and there, leaving everything behind. For me, on that day, my old life stopped and my new life began. I began my pursuit of knowing Him better.

In answer to my prayer with Him on that night, He touched me and my heart in such a way that without Him I cannot breath. That was back in 1997, and He still keeps his promise and stays very near, always encouraging, and always being there for me.

In the natural, things got rough. But God always gave me the strength and joy to press on and continue to obey his will for my life. I have not always done his will perfectly, but he always gets me through it perfectly. At times, I find that it is necessary for me to go back and review my covenant and my heart and make sure that I’m not gathering moss from this world, that I am staying heavenly minded and focused on the kingdom of God as being the first priority in my life.

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  1. very good description! thank you! I too have entered into a covenant.