Saturday, February 28, 2015

Accused of Being A Spiritual Snob

Have you ever wrestled with the accusation of being a spiritual snob?  How about being accused of being unsociable or acting like some kind of 'good two shoes?'  Well, here is the real question I want to put across to you so that you can ask yourself where the source of those questions come from?  Are they an honest rebuke?  Or is it an accusation?

Consider this:  When your child was very young, (if you do not have children, pretend you do for this illustration  :)  ) did you want the best for your child?  Were you picky who they played with?  How about in the first year of school, did you want your child to choose a friend from a stable environment or was it okay to let your little one hang around an unruly and rebellious kid that lacked any discipline from home?

And when your child started reaching the dating years, were you picky who the date could be?  Did you watch over things like making sure your child hung out with other that would influence your child in a good way?  Or did you just figure your child should make his/her own decision and stay the course of all the years you've invested to make a good life for themselves and their future families.  Most likely not.  Most likely the moment you saw your teenager beginning to hang out with other teenagers you thought were involved with drugs or something, you put your foot down.  

So, let me share this with you... Do you think your Heavenly Father is less than a good parent you are?  Wouldn't He want the best for you?  Wouldn't He want you to have the best friends with the best influence?

​ So, I ask you... if you are being accused of being a spiritual snob.. is it true?  or are you pursuing the best and rejecting bad and hindering influences? 
Just asking ... this is something You have to answer.  ​

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