Sunday, March 29, 2015

Chip Brogden: A One Sided Love?

Chip Brogden Shares:

As “advanced” as our Western culture seems to be, this kind of one-way, egocentric, “what can I get out of it” relationship is not too unlike the relationship that pagans and heathens have with their animistic gods and idols. They keep their gods appeased, not because they love them, but because they have some self-serving need they want met, whether it is health, prosperity, rain, or protection from their enemies. How is this much different than the Gospel according to Churchianity?

We pay tithes, apply the Blood, dispatch the angels, pray the Prayer of Jabez, and get the “Anointing” so things will go well with us, too. It falls way, way short of the mark. The model we give to people of “a personal relationship with Christ” is so dysfunctional and self-centered it would not keep a human marriage together for a week; so why do we keep relating to Him this way?

“We LOVE Him,” the Scriptures declare, “BECAUSE He first loved us.” Real communion, real worship, real fellowship, real relationship with God is based upon meeting His Need, i.e., providing Him with heart-satisfaction by responding in kind to His overtures of love towards us. It says in effect, “How can I help but love Him, now that I see how much He loves me? How can I ignore Him any longer?” This is followed by, “You love me so much, You have done so much for me, that I am content with You, and I desire nothing else but You. You have satisfied my heart; now how can I satisfy Your Heart? How can I minister to You? What is Your Desire? Not my will, but Your Will. I love you, Lord!”

Thus, we minister to Him, and after an eternity of waiting the Lord has finally broken through and gained the relationship He has for so long sought you out for. How refreshing, how delightful, how wonderful this kind of relationship is!
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