Saturday, December 27, 2014

Stace: 5'1

I am 5'1...
Did you know that it can be a whole different world for someone who is 5'1 from someone who is taller than this?  Let me share a tidbit with you.  I drive a blazer and fit really nice it it.  The steering wheel tilts down so that I can see over it, and the seat goes forward so I can reach the gas and break peddles.  Pretty cool huh?  But, last month, my blazer broke down and had to have some repairs so I was without my vehicle for a couple of weeks.  My boss allowed me to drive his large work van for the duration.  This was really a blessing.  Thing is, I had to climb up
into it like climbing up into a tree house or something.  It was funny.
But, the thing I learned most about it was perspective.  In his van, I could not lower the steering wheel and had to sit really close to it just to reach the gas and break peddles.  I also had to sit up really straight to see over the steering wheel.  I felt like I was sitting 'way up' there in an 18 wheeler or something.  It was neat. 
One night after dark while coming home from work, I noticed that when the cars coming toward me did not blind me, I was amazed that being so high took me from being in the direct path of oncoming head lights.  Now, that was cool.  It made me wonder about other things that might be affected by being 5'1.  I was beginning to enjoy sitting so high. 
Of course, I also have to analyze things from a spiritual perspective also.  Do you think that perhaps our perspective would be different if we sat high in heavenly places?  Of course, see Eph 2.6.  When we keep our perspectives coming from high places, we are not going to be blasted by blinding earthly (head)lights. 

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