Sunday, December 7, 2014

Pretend You Are an Israelite back in Moses day...

What would it be like to be an Israelite that has just left Egypt following the vast crowd that is being led by Moses?  Let's imagine you are a believing Israelite, you've heard the stories of God from the old days, but had never seen his hand move in any miracles, signs, or wonders.  You are aware of the Pharaoh's magicians and the power that they displayed and you were scared of them.  But since Moses came to town, stranger things have been happening. You have heard about the river that turned to blood, and heard about the frogs, the angel of death and all the first born dying, and just how dark the darkness was that covered Pharaoh's kingdom.  All of the large miracles that have taken place have now affected your life and you find yourself walking around in the middle of the desert.
You do not realize it, my dear old Israelite friend, but you are a part of the most spectacular journey to be recorded in history. You are living what many will refer back to as an illustration of the way God is a God of Israel, and how he guides and interacts with his people. You do not realize, at this time, that you are one of his chosen people.  

With all of this going on around you, how do you feel? Think about all those days that Moses was away and days went on, one after another without any changes.  Same ole tent, same of heat, or cold, same ole having to go draw water… same ole same ole, and without the comforts of the home you knew in Egypt.  Do you rise every morning praising the Lord that even if everything looks the same as yesterday, you are really in a huge move of God?  
Okay, enough ‘imagining’ and lets zip up in time to our day today.  How do you feel?  Do you feel the same ole same ole?  Or do you rise up every morning praising the Lord because these are the days that are going to change the world?    
Let’s be careful not to judge the things that are going on around us with our natural eyes.  Let’s pray that the Lord will open our eyes so that we can see his hand in action and celebrate that these days are going to bring about some of the greatest changes in history that the world has ever seen. 

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