Thursday, December 11, 2014

Peter Tan: Your Authority in God Starts With Small Things in Your Life

Peter Tan:  Your Authority in God Starts With Small Things in Your Life

Now let me show how it brings the spiritual authority. When you gather here tonight to pray, how much power you can produce in prayer is dependent on every little thing that you overcome in your daily life. What you do tonight depends on what you do through out your life. Perhaps a good illustration is to take an extract from Nelson Mandela's biography. He spent many years in prison because he fought apartheid. He fought it in the streets. He fought it in the legal system. In the end he was taken and put in prison. It looks like that's the end. No more contact with society. In prison he treats the prison as a smaller version of the country. So every little thing he can overcome to him is one victory towards overcoming apartheid. And it makes him a
stronger man. Because out there in the streets he was fighting for the right to vote. That is a big issue. And in prison he demonstrated his right to wear the same trousers as worn by the white prisoners. So he fought in prison for the right to wear trousers, which is a long way from fighting to vote. And when he got that right to wear the same trousers he saw it as a little victory that pave the way to a big victory. You see in every life that reached greatness there is some seed that you can learn. He learned to see the big things in the little things. Some people see the little things but they don't see the big things. Some people see the big things but they never see the little things that are important. Every step of the way, everything that you do, even that small little victory you have, you know how much it is a battle to fight with God for those of you working to have that extra 15 minutes to pray. Some of you may wake up early to pray, but suddenly for the next 3 days you have no devotion or prayer time. I know what its like. It's a battle. Some of you fight for your lunchtime to spend time with God. Demands are made on your time; your friends tempt you. The battle is not here tonight. The battle is where you are fighting in your daily life. And some of us don't see that as a battle. We don't see the small little thing. Maybe the effort you make to get up early to spend the extra time with God. Or the extra 15 minutes when your eyes are going to close. You really have to work very hard and you feel sleepiness coming on you and all you feel like doing is just to drop in bed and just enjoy the rest. But you said no I must always spend some time with God. And you drag yourself to spend those 15 minutes with God. And you won the fight in your home. Tonight when you pray you will more authority. If over the past 7 days some of you have fought and succeeded to read the word of God and do those thing that God told you to do, when you pray in tonight's intercessory meeting you will have great power over the nation. But if for the past 7days, you have been working very late and didn't spend time with God, your spiritual authority goes down. And tonight when you come and you pray your spiritual authority is diminished. Isn't it a surprise that your authority doesn't begin here? Your authority began at home. That's the reality that I like to bring forth tonight.

Let me give you one life before I close. The life of Jesus is obvious. Do you think many people were aware of His 40-day fast? I don't think so. Was anybody there with Jesus for His 40 days fast? You see your battles are in the secret places where nobody sees. The times when you struggle to spend extra time with God. The times when you were tempted for certain things. I ask you tonight have you said no to the devil throughout the past one week? If your answer is the devil has not disturbed me for the whole week, then either you must be very spiritual that the devil didn't dare to approach you. Or he has actually been with you all the time and you didn't know it.

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