Monday, December 8, 2014

God's Judgment and Severity

God' s judgement and severity, Romans,  

If the premise is that god does no evil, and we define evil as taking a life, then we come to the conclusion that god has never taken a life.  We might suppose that god allowed a life to be taken, but then what do we do with Samual the prophet that spoke for god telling Saul to take the enemies 's life. What do we do with the flood, and what do we do with Saul commanding a blindness to come over ... eye's?   

I think this is where we have to step up a little higher in our understanding of how The Lord is concerning justice and goodness.   

If a man has a gun in his pocket and a robber is holding his family at gun point, would he be any less of a good man if he shoots the robber?  No.  He would less than good to allow the robber to kill his family just because goodness is being defined as never doing evil.  The word "evil" is what is at question here.  It is an evil robber who enters a home and threatens a family, not an evil man that shoots him.  As such, it was an evil devil that moved wicked men to corrupt the generations of mankind in attempt to stop the linage of Jesus through the line of Adam to Noah.  god's act of destroying all mankind was for our benefit, His family.   

For seven days after the ark was completed, the door remained open to any one who would leave their life and enter.  After this, The Lord shut the door and sealed it.  To me, I think it is a good thing that God shut the door and God did the sealing of it.  It would be a hard thing for anyone to have to be responsible for locking everyone out, and I do mean everyone.   

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